Shame on Us

The imminent destruction of Eastern Aleppo hangs over the impotent world, as Assad and Putin gear up for massacre.

The hope born of the Arab Spring was quashed in Syria as unarmed protesters were met with gunfire.  When Assad poisoned his own people the west backed the rebels from a distance.

Then in brazen defiance, Putin sailed his frigates down the English channel.  We knew their destination and purpose and stood aside.  Now indiscriminate barrel bombs that kill an maim women and children have been supplemented by the full fire power of Russian warships as they callously target hospitals.

Now, unfettered and emboldened by the election of his friend Trump, Putin, through Assad, is pressing in to complete a massacre of biblical proportion whilst the UN, the US and Nato hold there breath.  They know it is abhorrent but are frightened to antagonise the Bear.

For evil to be done it is said, you need three things; a thug, a victim and everyone else to look away.  And are we not all guilty in this?  What are we pressing our government to do? Indeed, what would we do if we had the power?  Sanctions are unheeded, so would we take action at the risk of de-stabilising the world?

It is no wonder then, that though we readily share our horror at this modern day barbarism, we shy away from  dwelling on the real choice.  Either we turn our backs whilst the people of Eastern Aleppo are slaughtered in the name of ‘Peace in our day’, or we stand in defiance of Putin because his actions are evil.

Have we not sought to appease tyrants before?  Do they not flex there muscles and grow stronger?  We have a moral obligation to do what is just, to fight evil and defend the most basic human right – the right to life.  Should we not do what is right in God’s sight and trust Him with the unfolding of human history?

God help us if we do nothing!


(Photo from James Harkin’s trip to Syria – Newsweek)


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