Dairy Preamble


May the reader be warned that these diary pages may be utterly boring to everyone but me!

I’m telling you this at the outset as this part of the blog is here mostly for my own sanity.  I work 37 hours in 3  jobs over 4 days and have one day free to do prep for them all,  have a bit of quality time with Anne and write this blog.  I find it helpful to revisit the week gone by on my ‘messy’ day.  This diary helps me to reflect.

However it’s also in here to put the rest of this blog in context.  Too much of Christianity can be theoretical.  If it doesn’t impact on our daily lives, it can’t touch us and we remain dead wood.  For a long time my faith was theoretical six days a week.  Only Practical Christianity gives us life in all it’s fullness!

So I figure, if I’m trying to open a discussion on what lives all about, it’s going to make more sense if you ‘know where I’m coming from’, what my struggles are and try to be honest and open about what is good and bad in my life.  Please don’t judge me too harshly!


Life’s a Jungle.  It’s Easy to get Lost!



4 thoughts on “Dairy Preamble

    • Hi Jeyna,
      Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment.
      Can I ask, what is you’re experience of Christianity?

      • Experience is plenty, always good ones 🙂 Mainly because of the relationship I have with God; He has been my friend, mentor, partner, and of course, father.

  1. Thats good to hear. Life is full of experiences good and bad, but if it’s full of God even the bad is good!
    During the harder times I have wrestled with God and I still wrestle with the pain and suffering of our world.
    Do you wrestle with the world?

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